Tradition you can trust

Time-tested formulations from the ancient Ayurvedic tradition to promote your health and well-being

Safe, effective, and sustainably grown for 33 years

Offered by our affiliate, Maharishi Ayurveda Products International.


We offer Ayurvedic formulations that help:

  • promote digestion

  • reduce allergies

  • support healthy sleep

  • promote radiant skin

  • reduce worry and stress

  • reduce stress

  • promote clear thinking

  • support prostate health

  • and much more . . .


Look for

  • full-spectrum antioxidants that target the mind, the nervous system, and mind-body coordination

  • Ayurvedic spices and teas

  • aroma oils

  • Ayurvedic cleanses

  • our coffee substitute – remarkable taste, anti-oxident protection

  • and much more . . .